Cotton Candy Operation

1. Assemble Machine
- Attach Metal Bowl with all 4 latches
- Plug Machine Directly Into Wall.
- Only use 12 Gauge Extension Cord with Max 25ft.

2. Make Cotton Candy
- Turn on both Power and Heat Switches
- Allow machine to warm. May take a couple of minutes
- Use "Floss Scooper" to scoop and measure 1 serving
- Carefully pour floss sugar into spinning head.
- NEVER pour more than one measured scoop at a time.
- Rotate cone over machine head as it begins to produce
- Use two hands to rotate cone quickly to build up candy
- Continue until machine stops producing floss
- Want to make more? Simply scoop in next serving.
 Finished? Turn off heat switch.
- Leave motor spinning to cool off machine head.

Yup. This is pretty normal. It will go into the air especially at the beginning of each batch. Try to catch what you can with the cone.

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